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West Farleigh is situated 4 miles south west of the centre of Maidstone on the south side of the River Medway Valley. William Cobett pronounced the Medway Valley west of Maidstone the finest in England and West Farleigh bears testimony to that opinion. The village remains traditionally agricultural, has an unspoilt Norman church, a Village Green with excellent views and some fine houses including Smiths Hall which has been the setting for several films.

Farleigh's Women's Institute history page added here


A lady is tracing her family tree and has found that her relatives are all from East & West Farleigh. She is looking for some old photographs showing the green around the 1860's. If you have any please contact the webmaster.

Anyone researching their family history in Kent may find it useful to visit the website of Kent Family History Society www.kfhs.org.uk. They have produced a number of CD's with indexes of parish registers and various census returns, more than 2000 microfiche and a bookstall which stocks many books about Kent.

The aim of this site is to provide a base for some of the things happening around our village and to provide an easy reference for finding out about local items of interest. Inside this website you will find information about the village, our history and about the local services, clubs and businesses.

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The Village Information section includes pages covering items such as the Parish Council, The Farleigh's WI, Neighbourhood Watch, the Green Bylaws, bus and train timetables and the village map.

Parish Info
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If you are interested in the history of West Farleigh try the Village History pages. There is a thriving Genealogy section with visitors from as far afield as Australia and Canada trying to trace family members or their family history. We would be happy to include any items of interest or requests that you have.

Village History
Oil Mill
Smiths Hall


The Local Directory contains information about local enterprises, shops, pubs, etc., together with local clubs and societies. If your West Farleigh business or organization is not yet included, you can get it added by contacting the Webmaster. The Clubs & Societies page now has several members. October 2006 Kent Men of the Trees report now on-line.

Men of the Trees
Village Pubs
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The Tickled Trout


LifeLine is the village newsletter. The LifeLine home page contains past issues to get you up to date with the village. To contact the editor click on the blue LifeLine symbol to the right. For information about other pages with local information, other services and items of general interest around the area try the Favourite Links page.


Clog Dance Troup

Our website continues to grow, with more information regarding local activities and an increasing number of visitors from near and far, including Australia and America! If you have ideas for a web presence for your area of interest, club or hobby or you would simply like a link to an existing site, please contact us via our Webmaster.
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